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Lost thoughts

John Locke? Really? Is he all excited about freedom and property rights? No, apparently he speaks for the island, after his encounter with the giant thing. Which would be more impressive if he hadn’t been established as the weirdo in episode 1.

What about the doctor/leader – Shepherd? Ahem. Is Sawyer supposed to be a never-grown-up Mark Twain?

ca. episode 6, the false dichotomies are starting to pile up: go to the water or stay by the plane? Dig in and risk missig recuers or stay visible and risk the unseen monster? Here’s a thought: set up base by the water and rotate people into and out of watch duty. I can’t see that you’d need more than 9 people on the beach, 12 at the outside, out of 46. There’s no need to conceptually split the group. Some people should be looking for food, too. And some building shelters. And some thinking about how to design improvements to their lives. You know, just like Populous or Civilisation.

One really nice thing, though: that every random grouping of people that discovers something discouraging chooses to keep it from the larger group, because each person believes that the larger group is irrational/will despair/will run amok if this knowledge is spread. While all the people in the random subgroup are of course made of sterner stuff/can withstand such disappointment. This seems like a very true observation of human behaviour to me.

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