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Men who hate women

These are collected thoughts about Stieg Larssen’s Girl with the dragon tattoo, under its original title. Eventually they will constitute a review.

3/29/10. Now about 2/3 through the story. Conclusions so far:


I’m wondering if our hero is not succumbing to a pathological sort of confirmation bias: I would be strangely pleased to discover that the lurch of plot gears, the apparent breakthrough, the looming denouement were actually artifacts of where we are in the narrative, rather than signs that the detective’s reality is beginning to coincide with that of the crime – fourth-wall-breaking critiques of the conventions of the genre, like having the detective say “well we’re on page 200 and I still haven’t got a clue, I imagine something must be coming along any minute.” And then to have reality refuse to oblige. The client is hoping really hard that the detective will see something new, and now the detective sees… something. Or not. How tedious it would be to have his suspicions confirmed (and perhaps a car chase at the end). Perhaps I am a perverse sort of mystery reader.  Also, the narrative so far is so laden with incidental detail that I keep expecting it to conceal a whole Chekhov’s arsenal.

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