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worlds in miniature, Dutch flood defences

Madurodam is twee, but has acres of flat polder.

Truro’s New County Hall in miniature, at St. Agnes (why’d I never see this? Note how it’s marooned in a level plane, a mid-space object. The ship, too, is an archteypal mid-space object)

the rest are all under bldgblog’s quick links 9 (worth it for comments, too)
Eleusis 3D Archaeological Recording and Visualization Project

“a modular, self-assembling floating platform delivered by cargo ships could provide a cheaper naval base for military forces” in their battle against piracy. Making BLDGBLOG’s long-stated comparisons between Archigram and DARPA seemingly explicit, the “Tactically Expandable Maritime Platform (TEMP),” as it’s known, “would turn the standard ISO containers carried by cargo ships into modules that each serve a specific purpose, such as living quarters, command cells, comm shacks, or weapons stations. Once deployed by cargo ship, the self-propelling modules would use low-level computer brains to assemble themselves into a larger structure.” Mobile, modular, military instant cities at sea. Read a bit more at The Register. (picture also good: harriers on a container ship).

Atlas of the New Dutch Water Defense Line.

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