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the best moment in Lost so far…

season 2, episode 17. In which we finally get to see where Claire was when she was abducted. What’s so great about it?

The props cupboard, full of those fakey home-madey Fred Flintstone costumes The Others were wearing when they waylaid Jack, Sawyer et al in the forest and said stupid things about coffee tables. Because it shows that They deliberately set out to present a visual impression of themselves to Our Protagonists as backward forest folk. Or as crazy culty survivalists, when in fact they’re perfectly capable of running a fairly modern looking medical facility and shaving.

Why would they do that, when our heroes have already met Ethan and know that Herne-worship is not their gig? I think to implant an idea, no matter how irrational. I suspect, actually, that this implanting was probably the whole reason they decided to reveal themselves to Jack et al at all.

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