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Lost finishes, I’m still in season 2

So apparently they all learn to stop worrying and love the island? Or Pam Ewing wakes up?

I’ve got to that point where John Locke blows up a second hatch. This one rigged with C4 and under a farmhouse/satellite dish antenna. And chock-full of potentiall mystery-answering schwag, such as The (goddam) Dharma Initiative Operating Manual. Which leads me to say:

if you are engaged on a sensitive mission
if there are mysteries to be uncovered
if a computer is involved

…start by shooting Locke in both feet, so he can’t follow you. Also, if you find something, tell everyone immediately. I cannot stress this one enough, and it will be my first and probably only contribution if I ever find myself inside some Kafka-Borgesian Magic Box with a bunch of guilt-ridden misfits.

Once again, though, the actions of a single character not getting it remind me of the experience of playing RPGs. Likewise the way different characters drift in and out of story, guest for several episodes, then disappear. I’m only half joking when I say I suspect that Lost is actually a game, and the scripts come out of playlogs.

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