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Stuff that’s lying around waiting for a really great post

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

If I weren’t so pressed for time and/or just more energetic, I’d work these up into a really smart post that would make you go “how’d he get all that in there?” But as it is, I just think they’re interesting for today and maybe you will too.

John Holbo reflecting on categories for scifi movies. I disagree, but he’s started something intriguing here.

Where is the middle of Europe? What the hell is Europe anyway? I say it excludes all of Russia, partly because I hate the language so much. Also because Napoleon never conquered it, and apparently he’s still an authority on the subject.

John Waters inspired, impersonated, channeled in the underbelly of the universe. Ghost John Waters.

Edit: as Joesky very kindly pointed out, ghost John Waters is in fact Steve Buscemi. Steve, what happened, man?

“I learned a long time ago to never say something negative in the press because then you sit next to them to dinner or you’re on a talk show together, and it’s mortifying. So I just say good things about people that others don’t love. That’s my politics.”

Harry Potter is all about karmic balance (my comment at bottom, 4 years late to the party). So is GURPS (again with the comment).

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