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James Raggi invokes commitment costs

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

the best role-players are the ones that take it seriously, make it important in their lives, and give it their all. People who do this are the most important part of any hobby. You want to be a casual gamer? Fine. But don’t expect the same level of deference and respect that a lifer is going to get. Those who take their activities seriously are the only ones who matter.

James Raggi reminds me that I really, really must read Codes of the Underworld: How Criminals Communicate. Here we have the in-group status accorded the “lifer” (totally deliberate word choice, I suppose): sunk costs prevent defection, just like yakuza tattoos and other visible affiliation marks.

But I agree absolutely with his fundamental point: to dictate fast-food mentality in my imaginative tools… that means war. Come. Be a casual gamer, play with us for a bit, keep it light, no big deal, enjoy. But don’t try to turn roleplaying into something like the faster kind of boardgame, because that’s not what it is. Also, by all means try to make wine the way you’d make coca cola, but don’t try to dictate that this is what wine is now.

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