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BLAHBLAH on trolling, rape culture.

Wild, dizzying review of the apparently wildly patchy game Deadly Premonition. Not only the protagonist, but the game designer himself is an unreliable narrator.

How’d I wind up there? By following infographics of trolling. Not just trolling, in fact, but really angry trolling that’s intended to be funny (or just angry) about rape (which it seems you can generate at will by saying that rape culture and gaming culture are connected*).

* Reading that link on rape culture, it seems to me that pretty much all cultural productions are connected to it, but yeah, games especially so.
I’ve often wondered why sex and violence are treated as a single entity – sexandviolence – by entertainment classification agencies. The rape culture article points out how pervasive that single entity is in a way that cuts right through my sex-positive, violence-negative personal outlook.


thanks to [info]snowy_owlet I now have these lodged in my brain. I’m not sure what the organizing principle is for what makes a good one, but Alice/Red Queen strikes me as boring, while both Red/wolf and Beauty/beast are interesting. Ahab/whale I’ve already mentioned, and I think Old Man/sea would be a delightful violation of the anthropic principle, while Ancient Mariner/albatross tells you almost nothing useful, and would be I think inferior to Mariner/wedding guests. Macbeth/? is an interesting problem. Also Kurtz/the horror. I’m tempted to think up one for Poe but I don’t quite know how to communicate a locked cupboard or untimely-sealed coffin in the medium of sewn applique.

So how do you use this in a game? Put it around the neck of the infant prince cast adrift in a barrel. Have a Janus-faced or matrioshka pommel that hints at a weapon’s dual nature. Make the prisoner you save another incarnation of the monster you just killed. Oracular treasure items usually end up speaking. Don’t do that: instead give the players an object that requires interpretation.

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