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Another sort of monster

Timor Tom has me thinking about another skyborne menace. A hardshell giant twice the length of a man, which throws out clamshell claws full of stingers when it closes to attack. If it sinks its barbs into you then you’d better strike it back and hard, or it’ll just hang on with its spiderweb strands all the time you’re running away, until it has you snarled up and tired out – then all its claws will lash you at once. If you do hit it back, on the body or claws, it’ll spill wriggly, crunchy maggots. But to dent its breast and bring it to down to the scavengers on the cold gritty bottom you have to charge it so hard you risk rupturing yourself.

(UPDATE: this is turning into a really interesting little demonstration of the contention that people will comment on commentary but not on content)

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