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Island map generator + hobbits

Courtesy of Stanford U. No, I don’t know what they wanted it for. I want if for my pirates MMORPG that I never wrote 10 years ago.

Also, really charming and thorough documentation of book illustrating (every chapter of?) The Hobbit.
Seems like folks never get tired of reimagining Gollum.  (foreshadowing!!!1/ Wrong book! WAT)
I still love these Russian Hobbit illos by Mikhail Belomlinskiy.
(and proving the thesis that for some people adventure necessarily means ships)

Sam’s Shadow Over Innsmouth is charming, too, but doesn’t go far enough for me.

…and (jumping from camel to ass) nautical nursery rhymes. Alas, the only one given is

Meeting on Opposite Tacks

On opposite tacks, when approaching too near,
The ship on the starboard has nothing to fear;
The one on the port tack has either to stay,
Or put up her helm and get out of the way.

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