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World’s geekiest possible dissertation proposal

Why is space in D&D only divisible into 10′ cubes? This thesis explores the development and universality of those methods of mapping, describing and producing space that are characteristic of D&D and their spread beyond that game into other media. Theories of the Sociology of  Knowledge and the Social Construction of Technology are applied to analyze the spread of the methods, their effects on the imaginative constructs produced and their role in commoditizing maps, modular dungeon blocks and related products. The spaces produced using the methods are compared with those made by various architects’ methods of modular space construction to inquire into the cultural matrix, structures and functions of published and hobbyist-produced dungeons.

Primary sources: here, here and here.
This here is pure bloody poetry as far as demonstrating the thesis goes.

And as a reverse Joesky for people who have no interest in D&D, sometimes it’s only when you see the invention that you wonder why the hell people aren’t doing it already: collapsible, stackable shipping containers. (In this case, though, I’m guessing there IS a good reason why it’s not being done – because anything that can collapse will, at some point, hurting people. Still, advantages are so obvious… I guess the market will decide, and then we’ll know)

Huh. Bulette. Gible. They’re both “land sharks.”
If I were Ken Sugimori, I too would put those airplane engine cigar shaped objects on Gabite‘s head as an obscure shout-out to the horsehair wig.

I really, really love some of these pictures over at Dungeons and Drawings.

  1. February 2, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    I don’t know if it’s the geekiest, but it’s certainly in the running. 😉

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