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A Hitean smattering

Beachcombing‘s blog, while ostensibly history-based, offers tantalizingly brief thoughts on the origins of the name Atlantis, weaponized bats and crows, and Arabian unicorns. If you can get past the twee presentation.

So I see the Lord of Uraniborg, Tycho Brahe, has been exhumed again, and this time his wife is missing.
And apparently the US secret service has Denmark under close surveillance.*
Which reminds me, I must go and visit Nicolas Flamel’s house (alas, not the one he himself lived in, but one he had built).

In completely unrelated news, I see we finally have an ordnance survey of the moon

*no, I really do apologise for linking to this source, but with my spotty internet connectivity these days, I couldn’t open the other, more reputable sources I wanted to consult.

Still here? Then you get a real live dungeon moment: the Indian National Library has just been found to house a sealed secret room, 1000 square feet in area? That nobody noticed before? I think it might have migrated from Cologne last year. They’re wondering if there are skeletons or treasures inside. I’m betting it’s filled with mysterious toxic gas, India’s missing national destiny, and staircases leading to the Libraries of Alexandria and Ulthar. Or maybe it’s the geniza of the Anglo-Indian elite, full of abandoned recipes for metheglyn mixed drinks. Or maybe it’s just full of rats.

People don’t realize the levels. People don’t realize the we got things down there from the Revolution …things just get bricked off, covered up and all. They’re not accessible to people, but they are to rats. And they have rats down there that have maybe never seen the surface. If they did, then they’d run people out. Like in the movies. You see, we only see the tail end of it. And we only see the weak rats, the ones that get forced out to look for food.

In general, Bldgblog is on fire for game design goodness right now. Nazi weather-control experiments – or global warming monitoring posts – aside, they’ve also posted the Dungeon Geomorphs guide to Nottingham (this also going straight in the professional file), suitable for everything from Old School D&D to CoC to My Life With Master.

In stupid cognitive dissonance news, even though I know the root concepts are similar and all, I can’t shake the idea that kernwapens would be made out of wheat.

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