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Bring your body to work (not altogether an OSR post)

Nice near death experience table: another example of what I’m starting to call “speculative philosophy in tabular form.”

Also, practical philosophy in powerpoint: steal like an artist has a bunch of well-worn truisms but there’s some value in seeing them all in one place. But bring your body into your work is excellent advice you don’t often see. I reckon it should work for nearly everyone. Even though I’m not a wild-eyed phenomenologist.

Jess Nevins’ summary of Ely & Meyerson’s study of re-gendering oil rigs is genius and is going straight in the permanent file and in the dissertation (which is all about the hyper-masculine environment of East India ships). Thanks, Jess! Now I’m feeling stupid for not keeping up to date on all the maritime message boards because I’m too busy writing: the writing I need is probably being written right now by someone else.

Creativity is subtraction. I have to learn this.

So do these guys. It’s the 3 musketeers only steampunked, with that elf chick and, erm, flying ninja queens? My question is not “will it be stupid enough?” but “will it exceed the stupidity of all previous attempts?” (Van Helsing, Sherlock Holmes etc.) Alas, I fear the answer will be “no.”

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