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Dungeons at the Canadian Center for Architecture

The Canadian Center for Architecture seems to be courting the Old School Renaissance.

Exhibit A: the Underground Labyrinths tour of Montreal. Wish I could go. I even have a 4-12 year old to justify wanting to explore tunnels.
Exhibit B: Cedric Price’s Fun Palace was supposed to be an endlessly reconfigurable space (anticipating the Pompidou Center), a giant toy or a building-sized transformable machine… interpreting current Cybernetic theories, avant-garde theatrical principles, cutting edge technology, and a free-spirited, Monty Pythonesque sense of fun. It even prompted opposition from church, citizen groups and confounded city councils. How gonzo D&D can you get?

On the OSR side, Why’s There A Dungeon Under Your City? Or when did my home town turn into a dungeon?

Unintentionally disturbing title of the day: Making Great Breakthroughs – All about the Sewage Works in Japan. Ganked pictures.
Trawled up while looking for those G-CANS Saitama storm drain pictures from a few years back.

And I finally got sucked into watching the Charlie Sheen thing, and… I’m guessing he’s been playing D&D with Jeff Rients. It’s not so much the trolls and warlocks as his claim that he fights with zeal, and, and focus, and, and violent hatred… They tell you to lay down your sword. Really? Wow, dude’s unarmed. WHACK.

Also there was something about tearing faces off? Honestly, I can’t quite follow it. But then, you can’t process him with a normal brain.
Get awesomed up.
And take that, JOESKY.

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