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Extraordinary maps (some for the sea of O’sr)

How awesomely Borgesian is it that the iconic Treasure Island turns out to be redrawn from a faulty recollection of another map, now lost, and unreliably translated through Stevenson’s novel? Sometimes I picture the young Borges engaging in Situationist hijinks, stealing evidence, reworking reports, to curlicue the world of his old age with ever more elaborate memory games.

Do I fear or hope that more RPGs would wind up like this? Kinda Gilligany in its carefree picnic approach to being marooned, its obsession with naked women points to some other, hidden purpose.

Thanks, Telecanter, for making me belatedly aware of Tony Dowler. This is how I know I’m not a practising artist any more – I don’t habitually sketch stuff like this, much less think about how dungeon maps might be ways into philosophical musings, even though I should’ve been clued in by Simon Patterson nigh 20 years ago. But then, I guess I assumed my art school would be hostile to my making stuff like this, so I didn’t (and I looked wistfully at other people’s illustration and animation portfolios). If I had it to do over I hope I would be less inhibited, and just draw like crazy. I’d want to do stuff more like this rather than trying to be that, I think. And of course Dowler likes Don Kenn (thanks  !).

Seeing Dowler’s stuff, I’m thinking how great (and possibly libellous) it would be to do Bluebeard’s castles full of the preoccupations of famous people, mapped inside their bodies. Obviously, number one would have to be Bachelard, and philosophers in general are tempting, but what about Berlusconi’s innermost dungeon, or John Negroponte, or Bryan Ferry?

…sorry, Bowie’s too obvious. And I think he already did it, back in 1972.

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