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Islands in the Sea of Procrastination

No. I am not detailing my island-hopping campaign world that I am not writing instead of my thesis.

That’s why I’m ignoring this one-page roundup of flat earth ideas. Even though I’m particularly delighted by St Augustine’s thinking the Earth might be a sphere, but still one with a universal up direction, so the underside of the sphere ought to be rock, or something else that can’t fall off.

If I were to weaken, this right here would be my sea of O’sr, with Antilia’s 7 cities of gold and St. Brendan’s isle right in the middle between Europe and Japan (Cipangu). I’m thinking that when I ever get a game going again, I’ll do a composite mythic world of 1491, with Prester John up the Congo and a hole at the pole per ibn Majid and an Australia Incognita bound tight to Antarctica and Faerieland off the coast of the San Andreas fault (accessible, like Hy Brazil and the land of Ukiyo-e, only through mystic mists*). But that’s a long way away.

…and if I were to do the floating mollusc island it would have an opportunistic mage living in a bamboo and magic tower, scouring valuables from the shore of his in-shell lagoon and tending the world’s most exotic botanical garden, maintaining an uneasy truce with the mother of pearl covered crabmen who guard the lower depths, and a complex of airy and watery bubble-caverns in the shell, as you dove down exploring, each with its own ecosystem, and finally a prior party of adventurers, mind-joined in blissful eternity with the island-creature mining the secrets of the deep, and a terrible choice, whether to cut them out of their ever-so-slowly deadly embrace or leave them to their cosmic joy, with John Wyndham-esque consequences either way. Or maybe there’s room for just one PC.

* and maybe, just maybe, if you were to sail from misty Calyferne to the mainland you would find a Hyperborea that followed the physics of American pulp fantasy, a genre for which I’ve never had a feel, but I could imagine running adjacent to my own uncertain post-Wiliam Morriss, sub-Tim Powers weltanschauung. Provided the players didn’t choose to settle there.

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