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Apparently the OSR is “retraux.”*
Oddly, although Lenny Kravitz (duh) and Beyonce songs are cited as retraux, Cee-Lo’s Fuck You isn’t.

But who cares when there’s Wrestling Society X?

presented as a secret society of wrestling that used a venue referred to as the WSX Bunker …and camera shaking when a wrestler would fall prey to electrical weapons.

It was also apparently home to Matt Classic, a wrestler who had been in a coma since the ’50s, and wrestled in the same style that won him the World Heavyweight Championship in 1952 — including such devastating moves as the head vice, the abdominal stretch, and the airplane spin.

How did I miss this? Maybe this is why TV doesn’t make any sense to me any more. Still, I am ever more convinced that if we are to understand the workings of power in, for instance, presidential candidate debates and other manifestations of pop culture at all, wrestling will hold the key.

* This is me not stating whether I consider myself to be part of such a renaissance or not. They’ve certainly got me thinking about original/1e D&D again. I’m not playing, writing or proselytizing, though. And several self-described members of the OSR have said “it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t playing,” so I’m at least dead to them.

JOESKY tax: A beautiful digital orrery –  switch between Copernican and Tychonian* views of the solar system. Useful not only for astrologers and observational astronomers, but shows you at a glance just how goddamn complex the stars would have seemed to a pre-Copernican astronomer, and how obvious the Copernican revolution is once you graph it all out clearly IF you can see and have good data for the movements of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn etc). Which, you know, they didn’t until Tycho (or Ulugh Beg if you had access to his work, which Tycho didn’t). And there’s an irrational excitement to be had from the closest approach of Mars, which somehow looks a whole lot closer in the Tychonian model. (not by me, alas; via infosthetics)

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