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What’s the weather on Mongo?

My version of Mongo is straight out of the de Laurentiis film: a bunch of floating cup realms, drifting around on mysterious currents. Except there’s lots and lots and lots of them. And if you happen to be close to the top of the stack you get majestic unimpeded sunsets but if you happen to be closer to the bottom you may get more unexpected… stuff.

So, with apologies to the Brunching Shuttlecocks’ (now defunct) What’s the weather in hell? and in response to 9and30’s weather post, here’s the weather on Mongo. Roll 3 different colored d20s and consult the following table:

Die 1 die 2 die 3
1 drifting fog  but clearing rapidly
2 fresh frog  with intermittent… (reroll)
3 silver flower  tornadoes
4 unidentifiable chipping  showers
5 suspicious crystal  growths rising from the ground
6 belligerent lump -s
7 staining fruit -s
8 heavy ape -s
9 sweet spore -s
10 intermittent barnacle -s
11 evil-smelling fish -s
12 scratchy eye -s
13 frozen mushroom -clouds
14 warm bird clusters
15 robotic iceberg -liquid
16 tiny lobster packaging
17 giant slug bits
18 hot hail -coins
19 dirty laundry -effigies
20 rusty tack -men

* Update: currected from Mungo per St_Rev’s observation. Which makes me wonder if I’ve never seen it written down before. Unlikely, but not impossible, I think. I certainly never ran across the old FGU title back when it was in print and I was never a comics reader.

Update 2: loosely inspired by the venerable Brunching Shuttlecocks’ Weather in Hell:

 The Weather in Hell

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