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Old school?

It seems I’m old school, culturally if not politically. Been roleplaying since 1982, with a brief hiatus from 1996 to the present. I was also a professional (video) game designer for some years, but I think I’ve finally clawed clear of that rubble. Now I’m making a nuisance of myself around the OSR blogs until such time as I (a) finish the PhD, (b) get a new game group together, (c) grow up and put aside foolish things.

Thanks to Zak I now know I’m a  wannabe sociable, usually straight shooting, guiltily expressionist*, would-be sneaky, queasily greedy, strongly curious, mildly fancy and frequently laid back garage rocker/scrambler. And I care about WOTC exactly to the extent it affects the player pool. On the new/old axis I think I could enjoy both styles but I’ve never actually tried playing Forge or Turku. Or 4e, for that matter. I can see things about all of them that would prevent me wanting to do them long-term.

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