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DIY D&D resources courtesy of Tom Gauld, Edward Kelley and others

I assume you read strange maps and therefore know all about Gauld’s map of a holiday in hell (which looks exactly how I imagine chicagowiz’s wilderness game – a single point of light campaign), but have you seen his Zakesque roll-on-the-chart random encounter table, or his “what’s that coming up the corridor?” table?

Also, a megadungeon. Reminds me of Tony Dowler’s brilliant microdungeons project. Some day I will put together a page of artists inspired by Edward Gorey.

And courtesy of Dowler, a link to Tim Denee’s better-than-NYT infographic art of how it went down in Dwarven Fortress (Oilfurnace, that is).

I’ve loved emblem books ever since I stumbled across Kelley’s Terrestrial Astronomy – the three retellings of the same point in different media struck me then as beautifully perverse. Now I get a kind of “what I tell you three times is true” ritual sense from it (although I still have no idea what it means when the green dragon is biting the face of the sun). The images, intentionally fraught with hidden meanings, are the ideal kind of player handout. Use them as an alternative in-game Tarot (cf. Mantegna Tarocchi).

More accidental dungeon creation:

scroll down here for a set of alchemetic circuit diagrams or metaphysical troubleshooters flowcharts suitable for an inescapable, Telecanterian 4d tumbling dungeonverse.*

Magical alphabets for use as circuit diagram elements. My all time favourite.

A sort of maze: or, missed connections.

* Gives me an idea for a Klein bottle dungeon: you can’t get into it! You can’t get out of it!

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