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Another map for the Sea of Osr

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

It may not have the frondy coastline charm of Kerguelen but kinda-adjacent* Heard Island has dramatic mountains, a highly active volcano, and a set of place names that really deserve their own supplement. Right-click the map here to zoom and scroll and marvel at Magnet Point, Frank Rock (not to be confused with Dissembling and Equivocal Rocks, which I would put either side of it), Mount Separation, Desperation Gulley (I’m not making this up), Mechanics Bay (for all you steampunkers out there) and the delightfully unreliable Erratic Point.

Much as I love me some Mountains of Madness Antarctic exploration I’d probably put this somewhere more temperate, where its occasionally smoky and ashy volcanic valleys could support a Borneo-like profusion of hill tribes and smugglers’ hideouts. If you like your volcano smuggler dens more classical, though, you can’t do better than Santorini, from which I’ve recently returned. Because apart from a massive caldera and spooky little caves-doors and dangerously unstable cliffs it also has the best town-dungeon I’ve ever set foot in, a tangle of winding staircases (not paths, for the most part) where every turn is as likely to drop you onto someone’s balcony or into a plunge pool as it is to get you to a street. Article on semi-public space coming soon. And I for one wouldn’t have heard about it if it weren’t for M. C. Escher.

* adjacent only because Kerguelen’s the closest other land mass, 440km away. No, not really adjacent, I guess.

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