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Scooby Denouement: a crowdsource project

January 13, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The warrior’s helmet is removed to reveal…

1. Sean Connery or an actor of similar but cheaper stature
2. onlie the liveliest awfullness (1d6 SAN loss)
3. that it was a painted papier mache model
4. another, larger helmet
5. an endless fountain of evil-smelling, yellowish fluid
6. a cringing void – an amorphous region of unlight that shies away from any attempt to grasp it or put things in it.
7. your turn…

Let’s see if we get anything worth putting up on Abulafia.

  1. mikemonaco
    January 13, 2012 at 11:11 am

    7. a cloud of flies
    8. a skull with eyeballs
    9. the bartender from the tavern at the beginning of the adventure

  2. January 13, 2012 at 11:15 am

    10. The face of the PC that removed the helmet!
    11. The grumpy old man.
    12. The face of the Supreme Being, radiant and terrible to behold. All who see it fall down weeping with the horrible weight of their sins. Their own faces will glow faintly for the next 12 hours.

    • January 13, 2012 at 5:47 pm

      Luke Skywalker. Of course!

  3. Jon Hendry
    January 14, 2012 at 8:24 am

    Does anyone in the party wear a helmet that covers their entire face? If so, a face identical to that character’s face is revealed.

  4. Jon Hendry
    January 14, 2012 at 8:34 am

    A swarm of some flying insect, that disperses instantly leaving an empty helmet. Alternately, a swarm of some minute, flying faery folk who had been animating the form. Laggards gradually depart from the sleeves and boots, and the clothing/armor is left empty.

    A child. A young girl. An old woman.

    A face that was clearly once flesh, but is now weathered and crumbling wood as found in a dead but standing tree. Some small woodland creature pops out of the open mouth and scampers/flies away.

    Some creature, perhaps a demon or devil, which is too big for the armor, but which has somehow been *trimmed to fit*.

    A medusa.

  5. 1d30
    January 26, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    A mallard. Several ducks were balancing on each other inside a suit of clothes and armor. The “head duck” can speak Common and Duck but otherwise has no useful skills.

    A fish-man!

    A clockwork man!

    An entire hideous baby-man resting upon the shoulders of its conjoined twin whose own head is located where its genitals would otherwise be.

    A green head with black goatee, separate from the body but controlling it. If it bites you, your head falls off and it hops up to take your head’s place as master of your body. You (your displaced head, that is), can learn to bounce like that within (20-INT) turns, but you don’t gain the biting ability of the Green Head. If you can somehow get onto any body that the Green Head beheaded, you can attach to it as if it were your own body (permanently).

    A TV screen running silent films of fashionable men twirling their moustaches.

    A small cupboard containing GP and EXP (small rubbery purple spheres which you need to eat to absorb).

    Your own mom.

    A writhing, gasping miniature elephant.

    A dog’s head which, while exposed to air, vomits uncontrollably. The vomit attracts other dogs.

    A baby-face which babbles wild-eyed as long as the helmet is off.

    A burlap scarecrow head stuffed with straw, and two black button-eyes.

    A jack-o-lantern, lit with candles inside! It works just like a regular head. 1d6: 1 = Yellow squash, 2 = Green and white striped squash, 3 = Ugly white pumpkin, 4-6 = Traditional orange pumpkin.

    Frosty the Snowman! Carrot nose, top hat, two eyes made out of coal. Hat animates any snowman it’s placed upon as long as the hat is on and the weather is below freezing. The snowman starts out jubilant and friendly, asking for little favors, but becomes more sinister as you complete the favors. Eventually it demands human flesh.

    A metal box with a sliding metal door on the front, dial above the door (elevator). As the dial goes from left to right, it dings five times, and on number 5 the door opens and a little bellhop in red peers out all bewildered.

    A stack of mouldering comic books.

    A regular dude wearing a luchador mask (or, alternately, ninja mask). He has a stethoscope and lab coat on under his armor 4 in 6.

    An obvious rubber mask of (1d6): A hideous old lady, a hideous little child with propeller beanie, a hideous cigar-smoking man, a lame zombie, a lame mummy, lame werewolf. 2 in 6 the mask is on inside-out.

    A local politician!

    The DM!

    Lamb Chop or Charley Horse (50-50)! (Sheri the puppeteer is in the suit itself, her head scrunched over under one pauldron).

    Two very skinny men squeezed into the same suit of armor (both heads are in the helmet, each man has one foot in each boot).

    A big old greasy Stinking Cloud.

    A badly-built Flesh Golem with a voicebox and pull-string (speaks several phrases!).

    A confused town guard (1d6): 1-2 was charmed by the REAL VILLAIN, 3-4 is pretending to be confused, he knows what’s going on, 5-6 high as a kite on some hip-hobbit weed and shrooms.

    Woman with several pairs of eyeglasses on because her vision is really bad.

    OH GOD IT’S A MIND FLAYER oh wait it’s just an octopus chilling out in there.

    A marble bust of Ceasar.

    Styrofoam craft-store head.

    Department store mannekin. If you cast Dispel Magic it’s actually a real person like that one movie with that guy. That was a lame movie.

    Gibbering idiot. 1d6: 1-4 just gibbering for no reason, 5 driven mad by terrible things he has seen, 6 driven mad by trying to file his own long-form taxes.

    A big old pile of reciepts.

    Em-barnacled green bronze treasure chest. Contains (1d6): pearls, little crabs, jars of olives, a steaming hot Captain’s Platter, a slightly larger but otherwise identical chest, or DOUBLOONS!

    Several blog posts, which flit away immediately.

    d% + 45 butterflies.

    d% + 45 huge gross maggots.

    A miniature slot machine. Finally you can use the slot machine rules in the 1E DMG! The machine currently holds 100 GP and takes 1 GP per pull. You can get at the cashbox by opening the breastplate and picking the cashbox lock on the bottom.

    A three of spades. IS THIS YOUR CARD?!

    A copy of Dungeons and Dragons 6e (coming to game stores 2015).

    A mayan calendar, the one from the single town where they ended the calendar on Dec 2012, except this one goes an extra cycle. See, the thing is guys, we just didn’t bother writing it out FOREVER. I mean come on, you print a calendar with 13 months on it right? You don’t think the world is gonna end unless you see a 2013 calendar in the store. And we had to carve these things in stone here. Sheesh.

    The stone head from Legend of the Hidden Temple.

    The Yawning Green Face from Tomb of Horrors.

    A finely-painted still frame from Ren and Stimpy, depicting an array of hairs and boils on Ren’s butt. The quality is exceptional.

    1d6 boxed chocolate frogs.

    A basketball.

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