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Hello Google+ folks, here is a quick idea of what this blog is about

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Laziest of all lazyposts – the page of links to previous posts!

Some of these are too old to show up in the list of links over on the left side. Still, if you’ve been reading here for a while you can probably skip this post. Divided into themes perversely irrelevant to the OSR hivemind:

Moby Dicks: are Cthulhu; fly in the sky (Timor Tom); feel pain too.

Monsters are treasure: Formless Spawn of Azoth; Githyankifying mail; Matt Kish’s monster manual;

Why Pokemon deserves a space on your gaming shelf: Endless attack fountain; Carcosan men + monsters matchup table

DnD Tourism: An observation on the Sea of O’Sr (ancient Greece isn’t many 72 mile hexes); Haut Koenigsberg; The Alchemist’s Baths; tunnels under Provins, France; Roman tombs; Kerguelen as Hyperborea; What’s the weather on Mongo?

Adventure Seeds: one sentence adventure pitches; Coelomia, island of secrets; Sir John Soane, megadugeoneer; Heidegger’s Necronomicon;

Rants: five new sexes for your campaign; Why CHA is POW and should be the basis for magic; to haters of DnD’s big gold pieces; why I hate “pseudo medieval.”

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