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Come see the sights of Baikonur

Medium Aevum’s recent post on Britain’s touristic delights strikes me as a brilliant photo-essay on why you might want to play in any (cod-medieval, Anglophile) game. It also answers a set of basic questions a la Jeff/Brendan – where could you live? What’s the landscape like? How about towns, castles, dungeons, mysteries? etc.

So I’m stealing it to convince you-all to try swapping Europe for fantasy-fucking-Turkestan, or Turan, maybe (a better name overall than Baikonur, I think). Britain’s on the left.

bucolic Hardyesque cottage karakol yurt

Bucolic Hardyesque moorland Kopet dagh mountains

tashkent market street

craggy coastal castle Herat citadel

fishing boat where the Aral sea used to be

Baikonur launch grounds

Come for the mysterious towers, stay for the weird mutagenic radiation. Actually, that last pairing will fuel the next photo essay in the series – inexplicable towers of the Turanian plain:

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