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in response to Noisms USE THESE MONSTERS challenge

Noisms’ post on randomly selecting monsters and building a campaign world around them yielded some amazing craziness from John, which deserves a post of its own (only he seems not to have a blog). Extract:

Deformed and stunted descendants of man. They eke out a decent living farming but are subject to the predations of the thri-keen who raid their crops and hunt them for food…
Wise, sinister, solitary reptilian custodians of knowledge. They watch over the entrances to the ancient cities and guard libraries of collected tomes. They have strange diets and strange obsessions. They will sometimes dispense cryptic knowledge, when the mood takes them, but they are very dangerous. Supplicants must ask all their questions from kowtow to avoid catching a glimpse and being turned to stone/salt/ash/quivering hunks of meat.
Storm giant
These are the other end of human evolution. They still possess the ancient technologies that grant them control of lightning (electricity). They never set foot in the valleys and deserts where halflings dwell as they can only survive in the rarefied atmosphere atop high mountain ranges and peaks, where they ponder the imponderables from their gleaming metal towers or occasionally take sojourns to other planets.

I’m too tired to do a good job of working up my own arbitrary race setting right now (though I’m intrigued by the possibilities for a Land of the Dead game offered by the benevolent end of the Umbanda pantheon),* but I do have another game to suggest: make a campaign setting, or a one-page adventure, or a Sea of Os’r island, out of search terms people use to get to your blog. Here’s a selection from today:

godzilla chair
minas tirith details
gormenghast map
raised plunge pool design
barsoom ship
luke skywalker high

It pretty much writes itself. …actually it sounds kinda like Toxic Tartary…

* races – or classes? – for a dead Umbanda game:

Caboclo: spirits of deceased Native Brazilians… highly knowledgeable about medical herbs…
Preto Velho
spirits of old slaves who died in captivity or after being beaten or flogged by their masters. They are wise, peaceful and kind…
Boiadeiro: The spirits of deceased cowboys who lived a hard life in the sertão…
Marinheiro: Spirits of deceased sailors or fishermen that use the power of the ocean to protect people from evil.
Exua phalanx of spirits that are adjusted to Karma following the laws of Jesus Christ. They are confused with demons by the use of tridents… The female exus are the Pomba-Giras. Their action field is love… The Malandragem exus… are spirits of bohemians
  1. March 21, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    Mine are:

    julius caesar asterix
    “monstrous manual” 1089
    advanced dungeons dragons 2nd edition character record sheets
    d&d blogspot target 20 march 2012
    dnd yakmen
    do not come between the dragon and his wrath meaning
    east german female shot putters
    everything is dolphins rpg

    Ignoring the boring meaningless ones, that would be:

    julius caesar asterix
    dnd yakmen
    do not come between the dragon and his wrath
    east german female shot putters
    everything is dolphins

    That’s definitely workable.

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