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Photos of Toxic Tartary, my Carcosa

I have a dozen half-written posts here, and Beedo reminded me of my pirate ship game (everyone has one, right?) but I just wanna post some lazy pictures of my current off-center Carcosa obsession.

via retronaut, where they’re called “Mongolia in Color, 1913.” The woman sentenced to death by starvation is particularly apposite, but there are also representatives of the tyrannical Yellow Palace, and a tribesman taking aim with his radium jezzail. By far the scariest thing out of all these is the Yellow Palace “gate.” The tribesmen know all about these buggers, Babayaga-ing around at night, abducting people with their whole “candle in the darkness” routine. Although nobody knows where the abducted people go.

Ambiguity about tech level is key to the Toxic Tartary vibe.

Missile silos are made out of carefully-laid mudbrick. Those guards on the palace wall might have low-light goggles or just decorated hide headdresses or maybe magic makes those badly-tanned hides see in the dark.

and tomb forms are everywhere – even piles of carpets might have secondary uses.

…either guarding the Earth Door or keeping stuff in…

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