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Ad hoc random table generation for Carcosa Wacky Races

Here’s my method for generating a random table I should’ve anticipated but didn’t, in 10 minutes or less:

Drive the kids to school, muttering to myself like a madman. Listen to whatever’s on the radio, ask them baffling questions. Then try to hook their baffling answers back to Carcosa, CoC, Vance or the Moomins.*

What you get when you press the “cloudy-swirly-bubbly thing” button (D6)

1 jellyfish
2 tornado monster
3 shoggoth
4 “lightning spring”
5 bubble dragon
6 yog sothoth gate – whatever goes in it gets thrown out of one of the squirmy pentacles that are on people’s vehicles.

Devolver creature exchanger cannon (roll 3D6 in order)
A: threat level

1-3: animal
4-5: intelligent
6: eldritch monster

B: how does it move?

  1. Sessile/drifting – like a jellyfish, anemone, or Yithian
  2. Crawling
  3. Running
  4. Swimming
  5. Flying
  6. Exotic (teleport, suggestible pallbearers, “always there” in some associative, dream-logic way etc)

C: size of a…

  1. mouse –
  2. cat
  3. sheep
  4. man
  5. horse/crocodile
  6. elephant +

And then you just try to think of something that fits those important characteristics. In the worked example, a pelgrane is: 5 (intelligent), 5: flying, 5: horse-sized.

*What, were you hoping for a random random table table generator?

  1. May 18, 2012 at 3:31 am

    Stupid devolver cannon.

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