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Real life Carcosa wacky racer

When this guy:

broke his 2CV crossing the western Morocco desert,* he decided to tear it apart, take out the bits that worked and make:

a pretty damn sweet-ass motorbike. With a glove for a seat – gotta love that. Here, from the front:

…English summary here. Several commentators give him props for his Man Skillz but complain about his sartorial choice in that first portrait. Me, I say it’s a classic look:

Sir, Carcosa Wacky Races salutes you. Yeah, yeah, sure – for making a Mad Max motorbike with your bare hands and a can opener in the middle of nowhere in a war zone – but also for deciding it was a good idea, despite the strong objections of the local army, to take off across the desert in a 2CV. That shows the proper disregard for common sense and personal survival.

…although, admittedly, it just might be the most customized car ever:
              electri salvation van
OK, fine. That last one wasn’t a 2CV.

* the other side of the Atlas mountains from the Sahara. Because strict accuracy is vital to a story like this.

  1. May 26, 2012 at 6:01 am

    If Aron Ralston gets a damned movie, I demand one for this gentleman of distinction.

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