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Here, have 750 new monsters: Pokemon/DnD conversions

+Ian Johnson got me thinking about doing a conversion of Pokemon to DnD – after all, we know the stats for the entire Pokemon bestiary (that’s Pokedex to afficionados), and it’s a leveled game, so it shouldn’t be hard.

…and it turns out a couple of conversions already exist, but they’re (a) for later editions of DnD (I’m thinking LL here) and (b) IMHO overpowered (15HD for Venusaur? My games usually don’t go above about 6th level). So I may yet make an OSR rendition (if there’s interest). Here are the complex versions, to help you put some Zapdos in your Wilderlands:

1. a complete D20 (3.5) sourcebook, allowing for Pokemon and non-Pokemon “summoners,” by the Trollmans – their site provides the skinny without downloads.

2. a far from complete site doing critter-by-critter conversions and pokeballs as magic items.

3. a few stat blocks, looks closer to my desired power level (Pikachu gets basically 3 HD)

And my simple conversion? As a very rough first approximation, I’d say:

All Pokemon can level up. 5 Pokemon levels = 1 LL level, and Bulbapedia gives the data on when certain Pokemon become available (evolve) – so for instance my favourite crabman, Kabutops, starts at 8HD.

The basic attributes of pokemon – attack/special attack, defense/special defense, and HP are convertible to attack dice, AC  and the die used for hit dice. I would approximate the stats given to 5 gradations for attack and hit dice, ranging from d4 for each, for the bottom 20% up to d12 for the top 20% of Pokemon stats, with d8 being average both for attack and HD. AC would also be graded on a line, with 5 being average, the highest 10% defense scores being AC1 and the lowest 10% being AC 9. Speed is a straight bonus/penalty on d6, from -2 to +2.

Then there’s stuff to be done with types and the type effectiveness chart, but right now supper’s burning. More later…

  1. June 26, 2012 at 12:00 am

    I’ve wondered how it would work to build a bestiary of summoned monsters like Pokemon, strip out all the flashy magic (the LOTFP did it) and have most magic users work as monster summoners. All magic effects could be attributed to summoned creatures – I’ve seen it a few times in fiction, most recently was the Bartimaeus Trilogy, something I read with the kiddo – in that case, it was all summoned djinn that performed magic.

    Good stuff!

  2. June 26, 2012 at 1:30 am

    I, for one, would be more than interested. I grew up on Pokemon, and although I don’t play the video games anymore, I’ve always secretly wanted to play in a PnP RPG featuring the little guys. I love the simplicity of LL and B/X, which I think would be necessary if each player is juggling multiple “characters.” Color me curious.

  3. June 29, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    While I’m wayyyyyy outside of the target Pokemon demographic age-wise, I may or may not have played several incarnations of the franchise, because I love freaky monsters so much.

    I’ll happily see where you go with this project.

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