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Al-Muqaddasi on the characters of the 4 great Islamic law schools

Tempting, but no:

Geographer and historian Al-Muqaddasi once satirically categorized competing madhahib with contrasting personal qualities:

Hanafites, highly conscious of being hired for official positions, appeared deft, well-informed, devout and prudent;

Malikites, dull and obtuse, confined themselves to observance of prophetic tradition;

Shafi’ites were shrewd, impatient, understanding and quick-tempered;

Zahirites haughty, irritable, loquacious and well-to-do;

Shi’ites, entrenched and intractable in old rancor, enjoyed riches and fame; and

Hanbalites, anxious to practice what they preached, were charitable and inspiring.

Look, I agree with Dale and Thomas of GURPS Goblins fame that stereotypes are useful to harassed DMs for generating memorable NPCs on the fly. But I also note that of all possible example useful stereotypes they offer Swedish sailors, whom they make strong but dim. Because, I suppose, the real stereotype of Swedish sailors is that they don’t mind a bit of lighthearted stereotyping.

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