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I have never storygamed.

I have never storygamed.

Am I right in thinking it’s a sort of… collaborative improv for budding novelists? Like, everyone’s self-consciously into the fiction and the goal is to present your fiction that you’ve prepared and baked into your character and then have interesting interpersonal drama/collision of all the players’ fictions? And so all the plot tokens and McGuffins and opening situation and so on are just dressing to enable that action – is that right? Kind of like scriptwriter school in a group?

I think if that’s what it is, I could be into it if it had as little as possible to do with the usual genre tropes. Like I could enjoy Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown as this sort of exercise, but not at all The Walking Dead or Vampires and Frankensteins or whatever.

I like familiar genre trappings in games where the point is to succeed in the world because they help you get quickly to the plot, which is where the action is. Then it’s great to be Robin Hood because that helps you fit the objectives. But I have no desire to play Robin Hood as an emotional entity/landscape.

OTOH as a DM I love playing the Sheriff of Nottingham because it’s got the potential for broad comedy and gives the players a well-established target to bounce their schemes off.

Weird? Fair? Misguided? Please tell me how I’m wrong.

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