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oh right the #rpgaday thing.

oh right the #rpgaday thing.
Look. I don’t play favourites so “best writing” is just asking for trouble. I do have some recommendations, though.
1. if you don’t have it, go get GURPS Goblins. I don’t care if you don’t GURPS. It doesn’t matter. It is a joy. It is like a pool or sauna or tiki drink you can dip into periodically.
2. If you’ve never read him, read Borges. Start with the Ficciones/Fictions. If you read Lottery of Babylon and are not hooked then make sure to mention that the next time what are you reading? comes up and I’ll have to take 20 minutes to rethink everything about our relationship. It doesn’t matter that his stuff has no stats in it, you can plug that feeling straight into your game (or die trying).
3. Encounter Critical is way too much fun. Let’s imagine you just don’t get the OSR. Go read it and we’ll have fun ignoring the OSR that happens when we play it. Also it’s free and it will make you happy.
4. obviously you read Goblin Punch so I don’t even really know why I mention it.


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