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the early P&O shipping company, its strange characters

Reading a paper about the early history of the P&O shipping company. It is full of amazing characters:
the Assistant Secretary to the Treasury, Charles Trevelyan… famous in his earlier career for his intelligence, diligence, high principles, inflexible conscience, ferocity as a pig-sticker and drive to “do violence to all that was idle, wasteful and ungodly”

Then there’s the superbly named Thomas Waghorn, a man with grandiose ideas but little sense of his own ignorance or shortcomings. Relying upon his skill as a publicist, he put it about that he was “the pioneer” and “originator” of the overland route [but] …he had “never set his foot on board a steamer on the waters of the Red Sea” …and had “no shadow of a claim” to be the pioneer or the originator. Other contemporaries tended to mistake Waghorn’s restlessness and huge reservoir of energy (some of it quickly turning into uncontrollable violence) for new and useful projects.

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