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I guess this is my first really OSR post…

I guess this is my first really OSR post…

So we all know the published rules of DnD have always been adjacent to the praxis at Gary’s table, right? At least not truly reflective of what Gary was doing by the time they finally got printed. And they had to be dressed up and cleaned up and made to make sense to an audience that couldn’t come and see how it was done, creating a lost original effect, right? Where people aren’t sure they’ve got it right and they want to get closer to the source but can’t. Kind of like the Koran.

So… Gamma World came out 4 years after ODnD.
I wonder if it was what Gary was actually playing as the covers of ODnD were being printed, as it was going out into the world. I wonder if the first printed DnD deliberately tried to take a more coherent slice of medievalish fairytalish stuff out of the crazy anything-can-happen mix that was Gary’s Campaign at the table, and then that medievalish slice became the core of the game for new recruits, and Gary was constantly confronted by people who bought what he wrote but not what he did.

I wonder if Adventure Time isn’t actually the most authentic and perceptive read on the full gamut of DnD praxis ever published. It has dungeons, it has story arcs that mix particular sets of elements, it’s also picaresque and stories don’t quite fit together perfectly – if a coherent, unified theory of the Adventure Time world is possible, it must contains big secrets, revelations.

Apparently they’re winding it up, which means they’re settling a load of stuff, revealing some of those secrets that have lain behind the stories for all these years (and unlike JJ Abrams they actually have those secrets worked out). My son says the Islands and Elements mini series are the best Adventure Time’s ever been. It’s got the febrile energy of mortality back again.


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