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An open letter to SFR internet services

October 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Dear SFR

I understand that you claim you’re providing adequate high speed service to my house, but that due to bad feng shui or astrological misalignment I’m somehow not getting the sweet, sweet bandwidth you’re putting out. There’s just a couple of things I’m still not clear on, though.

(1) Aside from that making it not your problem, how exactly are you hoping to keep me as a customer?

(2) How do you explain the fact that your wifi node just doesn’t work much of the time, that it regularly takes 10-20 tries to connect to it, and that it doesn’t reach halfway up my house, which is made of brick and not, say, steel like a lot of modern buildings?

So now I know why nobody bothers with an online presence in France. It’s because the infrastructure for getting online is shit.