Ready Reference

Generating Flailsnails characters of distinction:

William Broom’s master list of flailsnail race/classes.

Jeff’s “What Went Wrong?” A Carcosa supplement
Zzarchov’s random background generator (“You are an anthropomorphic towel. You are truly the worst character ever.”)
Jason’s henchman motivation table (“Amnesiac doppelganger in disguise as the last henchman he bumped off, then got knocked on the head, and is now stuck in the role.”)
Erik’s dog-faced washerwoman table (“riddle-loving, rodeo-riding bowl of waxed fruit”)
Ian Johnson’s orangconan, godzilla-man. Reynaldo Madrinan’s Octo-rok, Magitek engineer, Spectacular Steeds.
Arcadian’s Labyrinth Critical classes (including Klengon, Vulkin, Wooky, but also Frankenstein and Amazon), Luchador (with signature moves), and my all-time favourite, the disturbingly flexible Doxy.

general rules and generators

Logan and Paolo’s Anything Generator, with my Worlds of the Outer Whorl as a worked example.

Links to Wisdom

Abulafia random generators

Roger’s how to stat a monster

Roger’s checklist of game mechanics

Old Guard’s dragonmaker

Constantcon calendar

Flailsnails Conventions

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