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Recent posts are down the right-hand column of the main page. Here’s a couple of older ones that tell you what I’m obsessed with:

Monsters: Formless Spawn of Azoth; Githyankifying mail; Matt Kish’s monster manual;
Adventure Seeds: one sentence adventure pitches; Coelomia, island of secrets; Sir John Soane, megadugeoneer; Heidegger’s Necronomicon;
Why Pokemon deserves a space on your gaming shelf: Endless attack fountain; Carcosan men + monsters matchup table
DnD Tourism: An observation on the Sea of O’Sr (ancient Greece isn’t many 72 mile hexes); Haut Koenigsberg; The Alchemist’s Baths; tunnels under Provins, France; Roman tombs; Kerguelen as Hyperborea; What’s the weather on Mongo?
Rants: five new sexes for your campaign; Why CHA is POW and should be the basis for magic; to haters of DnD’s big gold pieces; why I hate “pseudo medieval.”
Moby Dicks: are Cthulhu; fly in the sky (Timor Tom); feel pain too.

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